Visiting Cameron Park with Signal Flare

Visiting Cameron Park with Signal Flare

admin March 7, 2020

Last week, I was fortunate enough to take part in a Signal Flare event at Cameron Park alongside of BarberAid. It was an awesome thing to see Damian Roche (The founder of BarberAid) get interviewed by the ABC too. (You can find that here!) He started BarberAid in 2018 and has been consistently showing up ever since.

It was standing room only near the tent and I can honestly say that I’ve never seen that many haircuts happen in such a short time. I even had a queue for People of Ipswich portraits (and man, that was really nice!). It would have been great to get out and take some photographs of the amazing services available on the day – maybe next time. Such a well thought out event though  – huge bbq lunches, clothing, health checks, washing, toiletries among so many others! Next time, I’ll need to get there early to be able to share more.

One of the things I’m coming to see is that yes, there is a homeless problem in our city (nobody should be homeless) but there’s another problem too. There’s an awful lot of families out there who are living below the poverty line and after the rent is paid, there’s not enough money left for everything else. What would life be like without events like this, without people like this?

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