A New Beginning

A New Beginning

admin February 16, 2020

People of Ipswich is a personal project of mine that has been developing for a few of years now and I’m beyond excited to announce that it now has a new mission with a clear vision!

Helping the homeless and vulnerable to be seen with dignity.

I believe everyone wants to be seen – especially those of us who feel invisible most of the time.

Partnering with BarberAid, I pack up my studio and head to a local park once every six weeks or so. My hope for working alongside The Paramedic Barber with his wonderful project this year is to help the homeless and vulnerable to be seen with dignity and gift them a beautiful portrait to send to family or keep for themselves.

I’m only in the beginning stages, but soon I hope to be trusted enough to share a few stories. Trust takes time. For now though, say hello to a few of the faces I met for the first time.

I first heard about BarberAid last year and knew I wanted to get involved somehow. If you haven’t heard of it yet, (then you can’t be living in Ipswich! lol) you can find him on facebook and instagram. Working alongside people who are just as passionate about giving something valuable back to their community as I am is a bloody breath of fresh air and makes my heart happy.

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